Name: Emad Shawky Muhammad
User : emad0x90
Student (Level four BA)
University: Alexandria University
Field : Communication Engineering
Interested in: Web technologis as general, Pentreation Testing, OWASP TOP 10, Red Teaming and Secure Code.
Some info: I'm Cyber Security Engineer at multinational company ..
BA student in Communications Engineering at AIET ..
I have + 1 year of professional experience in Cyber Security field, specialist in Web Security Peneteration Testing ..
Intersted in Web technologis as general, OWASP TOP 10, Red Teaming ، Secure Code and CTFs ..
I found more than 220 vulnerabilities in big companies like:
MTN Group, Dell, Indeed, SONY, IBM and US Dept Of Defense, PayPal, Toyota .. Awarded as 1st Top Hackers in Egypt on HackerOne Leaderboard 2020 Q4 ..